Johanna on pacifiquelainen jo yli kymmenen vuoden ajalta.

"There is nothing more beautiful than a person who exudes wellbeing, lighting up the whole room."


I have been a member of Pacifique’s team for over a decade. I work by arrangement only, and this is probably why Pacifique feels more like an inspiring place where I can express myself, rather than a workplace. Our stylists are more than colleagues to me, they are my friends. Together, we have been through various stages of life and every possible emotion.

I’m attracted to beautiful details, and I enjoy being very thorough. Working with my hands is like therapy to me. My goal is to learn how to knit – hopefully by next winter, I will have learned and found the time to make a pair of woolen socks!

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who exudes wellbeing, lighting up the whole room. Wellbeing in various shapes and forms fascinates me, and one of my personal goals is to find harmony and balance in life.

My everyday life is very much focused on exercise, healthy nutrition, and trying to find enough time to rest. When I’m not exercising or busy with other activities, I go to museums or desperately try to brush up my French.

I enjoy personal development; growing both physically and mentally. I often have deep conversations with my customers: sometimes we challenge our thinking, coach each other - or just listen. It is 100% up to us what we want to become and what we aim for. It’s both delightful and comforting to realize that opportunities for growth and improvement remain throughout life.

I hope I can provide my customers with a moment of rest and to improve their wellbeing by making them feel more beautiful, braver, stronger, more self-confident, or more energetic.


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