Kaisa is the founder of Pacifique. She is a hairstylistwith degrees in Beauty and Cosmetics and organic hair styling.

"I wanted to create a salon that I would enjoy visiting as a customer."


I founded Salon Pacifique 15 years ago. I wanted to create a salon that I would enjoy visiting as a customer. Our values are at the heart of everything, and I hope that our customers feel them too: we are mindful, openhearted, authentic, attentive, diverse, and multicultural. I have managed to gather a group of colleagues whose contribution and friendship make me happy and proud. After all these years, I still love coming to work every single morning!

As a person I’m sensitive, but also persistent and determined. These characteristics have guided me through life, as well as through entrepreneurship. By training, I’m a hairstylist with a bachelor’s degree in Beauty and Cosmetics, and a degree in organic hair styling. At heart, I’m an entrepreneur who loves customer service.

I see beauty everywhere, and I enjoy using my own hands to bring my visions to life. I love creating new things but also preserving the old, when it makes sense. When I style or color hair, my guiding philosophy is to keep what is good in the old look and then add what the customer’s hair needs at that very moment.

Being a mom and owning a business can be challenging, but these two sides of my life also create a nice balance. Motherhood has also been my greatest opportunity to grow as a person. Whenever I have some time off, I find myself drawn to the dance floor: Cuban rhythms make my heart beat faster and my body move from head to toe.


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