Malin on kampaaja kolmannessa polvessa sekä ekokampaaja. Hän palvelee myös ruotsin kielellä.

”Tarkastelen jokaista asiakasta kokonaisuutena ja uskon vahvasti sisäiseen kauneuteen: kampaajalta lähtiessä pitää olla ennen kaikkea hyvä olo.”


I’m a flower girl who loves traveling by boat or a vespa scooter in the summertime. I live in an old, pink house in Porvoo with my family. I’m a sitcom lover with a twinkle in my eye, but I don’t shy away from deeper conversations, either.

I have worked in Pacifique as a part-time hairstylist throughout my career. I’m a third-generation hairstylist and I also have a degree in organic hair styling. Traditional salon services, Indian head massage, energy cuts, cleansing treatments for hair, and plant dyes – I enjoy all of it. I’m a creative stylist who loves working with her hands, and I want to make people happy. I pay careful attention to the total look of each customer and I am a firm believer in inner beauty: when you leave the salon, you should, above all, feel good!

I’m the National Master Trainer of Davines hair care brand. I love learning new things, so I participate in a lot of trainings myself too. I’m intrigued by everything that is related to hair styling, but also holistic wellbeing. Dance, music, theater, and all artforms are a huge asset that should not be underestimated. Sometimes I get a feeling that a dance class or a lovely hot stone massage would really do wonders for a customer, and when that happens, I encourage them to go to one. Wellbeing makes your hair feel and look better, too!

PS. Jag betjänar även på svenska!


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