Sari is a life-loving and humorous hair dresser. On maternity leave 19.7.2019-1.6.2020.

"Over the years I’ve acquired some amazing customers that I can today call friends."


I’m a life-loving, happy, and humorous person who is thirsty for new experiences and adventures.

Traveling around the world gives me great pleasure. I have experienced the colors and scents of India and seen how happy you can be with a lifestyle of few possessions. My most beautiful souvenirs are my memories from untouched paradise beaches, the turquoise ocean, and powdery white sand tickling my feet.

I love to live a relaxed and simple life, but I also enjoy the balance that an occasional visit to festivals with huge crowds brings!

I’ve been a hairstylist for 18 years. Out of that, I’ve spent 10 years at Pacifique surrounded by wonderful people. Over the years I’ve acquired some amazing customers that I can today call friends. The atmosphere at Pacifique is relaxed and pleasant – everyone is welcome!

Both of my parents are hairstylists, so this job runs in the family. Many of my customers are men, but I also do women’s hairstyling. When cutting hair, I always try to create something new, but with dyes I prefer a more natural style.

At home I spend my time with my lovely husband and my cat, Musu. My friends and godchildren also play a very important role in my life. Kids’ laughter brings me joy, and I enjoy watching the little ones grow into different personas.

My most important goal recently has been to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing. I enjoy taking long walks by the beach nearby my home, the calming effect of yoga, and dancing.

My future dream is to have a small family of my own.


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