The safety and wellbeing of our customers are very important to us. We have implemented a variety of measures to make sure your visit to the salon is as safe as possible:

  • We disinfect surfaces frequently.
  • We disinfect our chairs and equipment frequently, and we change the cape after each customer.
  • We wear facemasks.
  • We work in shifts, with no more than two hairdressers in the salon at a time. This way we can keep a safe distance between people.
  • We have moved the workstations further apart, and we take turns using the wash basins whenever possible, doing our best to ensure a safe distance throughout your entire visit.
  • Coffee and tea are served out on the patio.
  • We don’t currently dye eyelashes.
  • If we feel even slightly ill, we will postpone your appointment.

We also kindly ask you to:


  • Arrive right on time for your appointment and wait outside for us to call you in, weather permitting.
  • Bring your own facemask. If you don’t have one, you can buy a disposable mask at the salon.
  • Start your visit by washing your hands in the bathroom.


If you or a member of your family has any respiratory symptoms, please let us know beforehand. We will be happy to find a new appointment for you.


Warmly welcome!


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Address: Annankatu 26, 00100 Helsinki

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